Proposal for Data Management. The concept was to manage your Audience from a map. According to our settings,
we show directly the impact by country. We are able to select the best locations.
In this product, I studied the needs, proposed the functionalities, the flow and I took care of the esthetic.

Console is an Internal Interface for engineers, AdOps & Publisher Managers.
I worked on the Dashboard for the PM. The need was to combine all the priorities data
to ensure the heath of the client business. Also the information displayed depended of the
PM permission – Variations for each permission.
Console, also hosts advertiser campaign insights. I created a new section to collect the main
dimensions & metrics when a campaign is at risk.

Sales App to show Teads Demo. There are splitted in various categories (I couldn’t interfere with the category choices).
They are able to save their favorite Ads and to send the list to their clients.
And also, they pick up from a QR Code any Ads from Teads they would like to share.

It’s a section of Teads Ad Manager. You build your creative from this tool.
The design was already there. My mission was to implement the variation option –
Multiple texts / CTAs / Images & the way to display the result.

TAM is an Advertiser Interface. They create & manage their campaigns
with this tool. The flow for the campaign setup wasn’t user-friendly & it didn’t provide
all the functionality to setup quickly a campaign. It’s a complex part with lot of
settings to fill. I took this project to propose another way to bring this section.